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Best Movie Streaming Sites

  • CMoviesHD

    The most popular online movie and tv series streaming website.

  • YesMovies

    Free streaming website with large collection of movies and tv series. You can choose quality and subtitles language.

  • 123movies

    Good quality of movies and tv series, fast updates and mobile friendly website.

  • Fmovies

    FMovies is a website that offers watching latest cinema released movies always on good servers without many ads.

  • GoMovies

    Free movie streaming and downloading. No registration required.

Best Anime Streaming Sites


    Fmovies is an anime website for users looking for watching and downloading full anime seasons and episodes.

  • Kissanime

    The site offers many Anime Movies and Anime TV Series with english dubbing.

  • SolarMovie

    Solarmovie offers watching new and old anime in good quality. This website does not require users to sign up.

  • FMovies

    HD quality, small amount of ads and quick updates. You can watch there anime series episodes without registration.

Best Torrent Sites

  • 1337x

    1337x is one of the most known torrent websites last years. With a special group of dedicated uploaders they have always fresh and updated torrents.

  • ThePirateBay

    The Pirate Bay is fifteen years old torrent site. It's the oldest website on our list, but it's still in a very good shape!

  • YTS

    YTS is the most popular torrent website for downloading movies.

  • RarBG

    RarBG was created in over 10 years ago in 2008 and is very good torrent site for high-quality movie releases.

  • LimeTorrents

    LimeTorrents is another well known torrent site, works with many unblocked proxies.

Best VPN Providers

  • IPVanish

    Good and fast VPN with advanced security features.

  • Nord VPN

    Very fast VPN, secure with many additional features. Browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome/Chromium. Always available support

  • Pure VPN

    PureVPN is one of the fastest and most secure VPN providers. Unlock popular streaming services right now!

  • Express VPN

    Ultra fast and ultra secure Virtual Private Network. Great encryption. Good for 4K streaming and Watching movies in Full HD. Live chat support available 24/7/365.

What is Torrent

What is torrent? This question is asked by many people who previously did not have the opportunity to work longer with the Internet and computer. Torrent is a file that allows you to download files from the network. Some will now think how it is possible? Well, this rule is very simple. The torrent file that we download to our computer after opening in the appropriate program becomes like the beginning of the movie. Torrents are small files. Their size is often several dozen, or even several kilobytes. After downloading them and opening them in a special program, the internet begins to provide us with further fragments of a given movie, for example.

Files from torrents and the data obtained thanks to them, of course, do not come out of nowhere. They are sent by other computers. The torrents can not only be downloaded, but also sent. After sending it, a person who downloads it from us can download eg a video connected with it, thanks to which our computer will somehow mediate in this transaction and use our computer link to send a file. Torrents have one great advantage that we can not help but notice. Compared to other ways of downloading files, it is torrents that allow downloading such that even after turning off the computer and restarting it will not be a problem to continue downloading the file. Downloading via torrents was once very popular. Today, by extinguishing some very rich sites in this area, it is no longer so loud about torrents and finding them becomes more and more difficult. For downloading movies and tv series, much better option is website vipmovies. You can download and watch movies online without costs there.

File exchange via torrent is not as anonymous as you may think. When data is downloaded by the program client, our IP address is visible to everyone. Thanks to that, you can track virtually any computer. This is how the hackers use it! When a cybercriminal checks that a specific IP address is devoid of a firewall, it can get into the victim's computer and thus private user data.

Using torrents can also result in a computer being infected. It may seem that the user, according to what he read on the site, downloads, for example, a movie. After downloading the data to the disk, it often turns out that instead of the selected item in the downloaded folder there are completely different files. It can even be pornography or malware. It also turns out that anti-viruses do not always cope with the identification of junk and let them into the computer. Such practices can be very dangerous for the system!

Does using torrents means I'm breaking the law?

Virtually all files shared via torrents have copyright. In most countries downloading files is not illegal, but the distribution of materials to which we do not own copyright is already punishable. Torrents work in such a way that we will not avoid sharing downloaded materials, because this process begins after downloading a few percent of games or music. Can the police really arrest us? It is unlikely that several policemen will visit us unannounced.

How to protect Yourself agains problems?

The best method is absolutely not using torrents. Of course, many users will do this, so they should know that they are breaking the law in this way. Everyone who decides on this risk should also remember the basic principles of online security if they do not want to become a victim of a hacker attack.

How to download Torrents anonymously and safely in 2019

BitTorrent is not a program or software, but rather a technology that facilitates instant downloads and file sharing in P2P (peer-to-peer) networks. Programs using this technology for downloading and sharing files are called BitTorrent clients.

This article is intended for novices in the world of torrents and P2P file sharing. We will explain how BitTorrent file sharing works, and how using VPN can help with safe torrenting.

VPN, or virtual private network, is crucial when using torrents. Due to the fact that downloading torrents really makes it difficult to determine which files contain material protected by copyright. In other words, without such intentions, you can engage in illegal activities that can lead to serious consequences.

However, VPN will make all of your online activity anonymous so you will not be able to associate it with you and you will not have to stress when trying to download your favorite TV shows or movies.

Although there are many great VPNs, we recommend ExpressVPN. It is not only very safe and reliable - it has an anonymous "torrent" function, which automatically selects servers that provide the fastest download speeds.

Note regarding terminology: BitTorrent is a file sharing protocol used by many BitTorrent clients. There are many clients to choose from, one of which is called BitTorrent. (Yes, it can be confusing: both BitTorrent and the BitTorrent client are the property of BitTorrent Inc.) The downloaded files are called torrents.

How does P2P file sharing work?

BitTorrent file sharing technology is different from conventional file transfer. Unlike websites that rely on a central file storage server, BitTorrent stores files on computers of everyone in the file sharing network. This is called peer-to-peer processing.

Network computers - sometimes called a swarm - divide files into very small fragments that can be played by anyone who wants to download a specific file.

In other words, each downloaded file is sent simultaneously so that others can use it.

The fact that the workload is distributed over the entire computer network - instead of a single server - as well as the fact that you do not have to wait to download the whole file before you start uploading it makes the torrents an incredibly fast way to share files.

How VPN can effectively help with torrenting

In the case of BitTorrent, peers are connected via their IP addresses, which means any BitTorrent user can easily see the IP addresses of others who share files.

A prominent IP address can potentially mean that your metadata and location can be used by those who want to monitor your online activity.

The best way to work around this is to use a reliable VPN that will allow you to display a different IP address than yours. This will help ensure that your real IP address is unavailable and your BitTorrent activity will never be associated with you.

Here you can find some of the most reliable and reliable VPN networks for torrents. It is important to choose a good one, because some VPNs do not allow torrents, while others have special servers dedicated to them.

Step by step instructions on how to safely and anonymously torrent

Now that you understand how BitTorrent works, we'll explain how to safely find and download files using the client.

First, you will need to download the BitTorrent client to your computer. The best you can find here.

In this example, we use BitTorrent.

Choose your preferred plan. As you can see in the picture above, in addition to the free subscription, premium plans are also available, which offer additional functions. After completing the customer download, follow the installation instructions.

Now that your client is installed, you will want to find torrents to download.

It is important to understand that although there are plenty of great torrents on the internet, they are sometimes incorrectly marked and may contain inappropriate content or even offensive content. There are also torrents that contain viruses. That is why it is important to install antivirus software on your computer.

Another great way to overcome these problems is to use the torrent site with a section of comments, where users can warn each other about dangerous files.

You should also be aware of this, due to problems related to copyright infringement, torrent sites are closing at a crazy pace. Fortunately, we have a useful list of high-quality websites that work without any problems.

If you can not find the desired file on one of these sites, try using the search engine.

For example, if you want to download open source software, enter the software name and word torrent.

In this example, we use the Pirate Bay torrent site. Use the search bar to find the file you want.

This will take you to the torrent file list.

Pay attention to the two columns on the right. Here SE and LE refer to "seeders and leechers" (spreading and drawing torrent files). The distributors are the people who send the file, and the people who download it, who take it. Not all sites with torrents will inform you about it, but it is very helpful, because the more seasons and the fewer leechers the file has, the faster it will be downloaded.

But wait!

Before downloading the files you need to enable the VPN. If you do not do this, your IP address will be disclosed, allowing others to track the download of torrents and connect them to you.

To enable VPN, open the icon on your desktop. Each VPN has a different interface, but most of them allow you to choose the location from which you want your IP address to come from.

In this example, we use ExpressVPN and choose Switzerland as a location. The reason we chose Switzerland is because torrents are not legal in every country, and Switzerland is particularly friendly in this respect.

After selecting the location, you should see that your VPN is on and working.

Now that you know your IP address is hidden, download the .torrent file and open it. This should automatically start the BitTorrent client. The client will use the tracker to search for other peers who have downloaded or are currently downloading the file.

When the client is open, you will be able to track the progress of your files as they are downloaded.

Keep in mind that it is also worth returning files to the torrent community, not just downloading. This means leaving your file in the torrent client for some time so that other users can download it. You will know that others have the option of downloading your torrent when you see the word "seeding" in the download status of the file.

Most BitTorrent clients will monitor how much you are uploading compared to downloads. It's a good idea to upload at least as much as you download.

To organize your torrent files, go to "Options" in the upper left corner, select "Preferences" and then select "Directories". Check "Insert new files to download" and name your folder in the adjacent field. To save files on your computer, click on the three dots next to it.

Now you know how to download and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, music and books - protected from prying eyes. And if you're interested in which VPNs are the best, check our list of best vpn providers above the article.